Subliminal Information

Subliminal Information


Within you, is the ability, the seed of greatness, an unlimited potential. It is only awaiting the stimulation of your desire, to spring forth and bring you to what ever you desire. You have the key to that door. Only you can unlock it. For many people, a subliminal tape is the first step in unlocking that door.

Research on sleep and psychonomic science Medical scientist have discovered amazing facts about human learning and re-programming behaviour of the subconscious mind

How They Work

Subliminal recording are designed to stimulate and enhance thought processes for change. It is the subconscious mind that is the real power center of your being. It is the seat of your memory, the monitor of all bodily processes. It regulates your heart beat and monitors your blood pressure, plays chemist for up to 2000 drugs and chemical compounds which are released into your body system.

It analyses input from your senses like an ultra sophisticated computer, which it is. Your subconscious will accept and bring into reality any suggestion presented to it. When the suggestions are positive and accompanied with visual imagery the results are truly amazing.

Because your subconscious mind never sleeps, it will accept suggestions for change without the interference from your conscious mind. Repeated playing for 30 days will saturate your mind with positive suggestions that are designed to bring about the changes you desire.

Subliminal Recordings are designed for use at any time, day, or night. For each recording has a series of suggestions masked by gentle wave music to bring about a pleasant state of Mind.


At this moment the programming of your inner mind determines your personality, your ways of thinking, habits and attitudes. After your subconscious mind, accepts the positive suggestions from the Subliminal Mind recordings, its power is then released to help you achieve your goals, your success and happiness, automatically without conscious effort on your half. Let the recordings program you and release your unlimited potential.

let them help you achieve what ever you want in life, and get ready for exciting, and rewarding changes.


Subliminal learning offers a self-help alternative to anybody wishing to avail him or beneficial changes and personal growth. Of course, as with ordinary learning methods, results vary markedly with the individual.

Since human behavior is an outer manifestation of inner belief systems, subliminal messages can often act as the stimulus to condition a more beneficial response. They have the potential to excite, arouse, anger, or pacify human behavior. They can assist memory by attitude changes toward retention of knowledge. In addition to psychological modifications, physiological changes can also be brought about through subliminal input. As the placebo effect in medicine has demonstrated, the mind can bring about cellular changes, and subliminal input can contribute to this process of self-healing with subconscious embeds. As doctors learned in medical school, over 50% of all patients brought into hospitals are suffering from hypochondriac ailments.

By understanding and enhancing the placebo effect or mind over body connection, better insight as to the mind’s ability to heal the body can be learned. By examining and altering the negative patterns buried in the subconscious which often manifest themselves into self-punishing, physical ailments, most disease can be prevented and cured.

Subliminal’s can also heighten your immune system in this process. Living cells of the body are naturally designed to preserve themselves. Self-destruct processes occur when negative messages from the subconscious conflict with this self-preservation process. Subliminal input can be used as a tool to correct these embedded patterns to bring about beneficial changes and personal growth. Of course, as with ordinary learning methods, results vary markedly with the individual.